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  • Dimmer For Tubular Skylights

    Tube skylights are a great way to bring natural light into interior spaces.

  • Taming the Sun

    With its expansion of the Israel Museum, James Carpenter Design Associates devised a way to work with Jerusalem's intense daylight.

  • Specifying Drywall Finishes

    A Level 5 finish may prevent callbacks in areas of high visibility, but it's not always necessary.

  • On the Job

    An unlikely window; bench bump-outs expand a narrow porch

  • Yonder Underdome

    Underground dome home

  • Tools for Daylighting Studies

    In recent years, as green building practices have infiltrated mainstream architecture and construction, the term daylighting has been adopted as a broad way of describing sustainable approaches to lighting. Design professionals often apply the term without a comprehensive understanding of the...

  • On the Job

    Custom shower niches; working inside the bubble

  • Letters

    Drywall back-blocking in action; A-frame appreciation; hard workers in California; more

  • Mastering Sidelight, Part Two

    An in-depth discussion of how to design for an equally valuable interrelated resource—view.

  • Terminology

    Daylight Dialect: Building a common daylight language will dramatically facilitate the necessary dialogue between architect, lighting designer, client, and contractor.