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  • Happy Landings

    Madrid airport's terminal 4 may be high-tech, architecturally, but the effect is humane

  • Yonder Underdome

    Underground dome home

  • One-on-One with Hayden McKay

    With more than 30 years experience in architecture and lighting, Hayden McKay is one of the leading experts in daylighting and solar analysis.

  • Tools for Daylighting Studies

    In recent years, as green building practices have infiltrated mainstream architecture and construction, the term daylighting has been adopted as a broad way of describing sustainable approaches to lighting. Design professionals often apply the term without a comprehensive understanding of the...

  • On the Job

    Custom shower niches; working inside the bubble

  • Anatomy of a Lighting Course

    A novel approach to teaching architecture students the ways of the sun

  • Fall 2008 LED Supplement

    Fall 2008 LED Supplement

  • USGBC Awards Lighting Research Center Grant for Daylight Study

  • H. Roe Bartle Hall Ballroom

    The Bartle Hall Ballroom is not your typical convention hall space. As Derek Porter, principal of Derek Porter Studio, the lighting firm responsible for the design, explains, “Maximizing daylight to conserve energy and celebrate the presence of nature in this otherwise enclosed environment was key...

  • Westminster Academy

    best incorporation of daylight | daylight