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  • Dormers by Design

    Some of the most appealing interior spaces are those created under a roof that has been sensitively fitted with dormers. Nestled at treetop level, these spaces are formed by the sloped, sheltering surfaces of the primary roof and the walls of the dormers, which admit daylight.

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  • The Business of Building Green

    A custom builder describes how he has made a profitable niche of building houses for environmentally conscious

  • Products

    Cleaner generator, debris hauler, slower epoxy, rugged window, self-leveling rotary laser, skylights

  • Installing A Skylight

    Leak-free skylights start with careful attention to the manufacturer's directions, according to this veteran installer.

  • By Design: Lighting a remodeled galley kitchen

    Lighting a remodeled galley kitchen

  • Notebook

    NAHB pulls out of NFPA code process, new device for drying basements, California claimed unfair to nonunion apprenticeship programs, suburb’s no-step entry requirement dropped, Business Tune-Up, more

  • By Design: Defining Rooms in an Open Plan

    Defining rooms in an open plan

  • Retrofitting a Skylight in a Truss Roof

    An Iowa remodeler tells how he was able to retrofit a skylight into an existing truss roof by redistributing the roof loads.

  • Q&A: Fuel Cost Comparison

    Q: A customer asked me how to compare the cost of different heating fuels (natural gas, propane, oil, and electricity). Can you provide a chart with this information?