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  • Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art

    From its inception to its realization, light permeates every aspect of the Bloch Building, the new addition to the Nelson-Atkins Museum in Kansas City, Mo.

  • Vox Juventa Call for Papers Deadline July 1

    The University of Wismar released a call for papers for the Vox Juventa program that offers students and young professionals an opportunity to present findings in one of five areas: sustainability, new findings, daylight, technology, and lighting cultures. A prize of EUR 1,000 will go to the...

  • Lightcongress Explores Earth Day Themes

  • Letters

    Drywall back-blocking in action; A-frame appreciation; hard workers in California; more

  • Designing the Lit Environment

    There often is a tension between lighting designers who focus on daylighting design and those who concentrate on electric lighting design.

  • Art Plus Light

    Architect Renzo Piano has a way with light. It is what has kept museum directors and trustees beating a path to his offices in Paris and Genoa since the 1987 opening of The Menil Collection in Houston.


  • Daylighting Required?

    This is an interesting question and could be answered on many different levels.

  • Mastering Sidelight, Part Two

    An in-depth discussion of how to design for an equally valuable interrelated resource—view.

  • Let the Sun Shine in