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  • Pop Quiz: Q&A With Freddie Mac's Mike May

    Apartment Finance Today recently sat down with Freddie Mac's Mike May to get his perspective on the competitive landscape, both against chief rival Fannie Mae and the private sector, as well as the company's plans for 2011.

  • Small Loan Market Improves Heading into 2011

    The banking sector is growing more competitive in the small loan market, as balance-sheet lenders like Chase and Sovereign start to give Fannie Mae lenders a run for thier money.

  • MetLife Leads Insurance Company Charge to Multifamily

    The GSEs are beginning to hear footsteps at their back as insurance companies re-engage the market with higher leverage levels and improved pricing.

  • Capital for Value-Add Deals Starts to Loosen Up

    As fundamentals continue to improve in many markets, more lenders are slowly starting to grow comfortable with the idea of underwriting rent growth.

  • Private Sector Heats Up in Battle with GSEs

    Banks and life insurance companies are increasingly muscling in on Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac as private sector lending activity accelerates.

  • Affordable Housing Debt Outlook for 2011

    Access to debt and equity for affordable housing developments improved a little bit more each month this year. And that slow momentum is expected to continue, as interest rates on permanent debt remain low, access to construction debt slowly improves, and the New Issue Bond Program (NIBP) continues...

  • Paper Plays

    WHY BUY THE PROJECT when you can get a deeper discount buying the paper?

  • Covered Bonds: Coming to America?

    Momentum is gathering in Congress for the creation of a market for covered bonds, a $3 trillion business in Europe.

  • Process Wars: Freddie Focuses on Speed to Catch-Up with Fannie

    The GSEs are processing deals hand-over-fist, but Fannie Mae currently has the quicker execution. So Freddie Mac is working on several short- and long-term fixes to help speed up its deal cycle timeline.

  • Beyond the GSEs: Conduits, Life Companies, Banks Grow More Competitive

    While Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac continue to win the lion's share of multifamily business, other capital sources are growing more competitive. Life insurance companies and banks are stepping up to the plate again for certain assets and executions, and even conduit lenders are pricing more...