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More stories about Decking

  • Tiger Claw Semi-Automatic Hidden Deck Fastener Installation Gun

    Using hidden deck-fastening hardware makes for a neater-looking composite deck but takes longer than using face-installed screws.

  • Fire-Safe Decking

    Does anyone make a fireproof deck board?

  • Starborn Industries Smart-Bit

    When it comes to predrilling exotic hardwood or fiber-composite decking, the Smart-Bit is the best tool for the job.

  • Products

    Windows; garage doors; decking

  • Bending Trex

    Special heating blankets were used to form the tight curves of this pool's retrofitted fiber-composite decking.

  • Letters

    Spanish on the job site; safety first; wind hold-downsfor rafter tails; faster plaster repair; building onthe beach; more

  • Products

    Powder-actuated fastening system, tool hauler, stainless truck rack, metric ridge vent, improved pipe wrench, safer paint stripper, one-handed clamp, bifocal safety specs

  • Rot-Resistant Decking Options

    A few years ago, the main choices for rot-proof decking were redwood and pressure-treated lumber. Environmental concerns and the search for low-maintenance materials have spawned a host of new products, including new hardwoods, wood-plastic composites, and synthetic materials.

  • Deck Ledger Boards

    Ledger board failure is the leading cause of deck collapses. Here's what you need to know about fastening and flashing ledgers to prevent disasters.