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  • Composite Decking

    BamDeck 3G is made from 60% reclaimed bamboo fibers and 40% recycled HDPE plastics

  • Quick Cable

    The TimberTech CableRail works with composite rail systems that have structural wood posts inside composite sleeves

  • American Wood Council Updates Deck Design Guide

    The latest version of the American Wood Council’s prescriptive guide to wood deck construction includes new updated tables that reflect the change in the design values for Southern Pine lumber.

  • Deck Failures Make The News

    The drumbeat of deck collapses continues as the summer party season wears on.

  • Replace the Deck Framing or Just Re-Skin?

    A re-skin is a great lower-cost alternative to building a whole new deck, provided the existing framing is up to the task

  • Attaching Posts to a Rooftop Deck

    How to mount newel posts to a deck on a flat roof without cutting into the roof

  • Deck Anchor

    The DeckLok anchor is designed for lateral connections on exterior decks

  • Restaurant Deck Collapse Dumps Diners into Sea

    Questions abound, but answers are scarce in the sudden structural failure of a seaside patio deck at Miami seafood hangout Shuckers.

  • Carpet Board

    NyloBoard composite decking contains recycled carpet fiber instead of sawdust

  • Club House Decking

    This PVC product's core is engineered for strength and water resistance, says the maker