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More stories about Deconstruction

  • Hundreds of Flood-Damaged Dwellings Face Demolition

    Some of the homes in New York City that were damaged by Sandy are beyond repair, authorities have concluded.

  • When the Homeowner Does the Demo

    Q: I'm considering a job remodeling a kitchen on a pre-1978 house. The budget-conscious client wants to save money by doing the demo work himself, which I understand he can legally do in his own home. Can I come onto the job afterward and work without following lead-safe work practices, since I...

  • Reconnx Nail Kicker V20 Nail Remover

    The Nail Kicker V20 by Reconnx removes nails from lumber.

  • Artillery Tools Pry Bar System

    Think of the Artillery Pry Bar System as a complete demolition arsenal: blades, fulcrums, and levers of various sizes — everything you need to make a customized pry bar to suit virtually any demo job.

  • Decorative Shingling

    Distinguish your sidewall work with this easy-to-build diamond design

  • Notebook

    Job-site waste, training older workers, results of JLC Internet use survey, more

  • Notebook

    Profit with deconstruction; lumber prices; cold-weather concrete pours without cracking; straw-bale research results; no more USG EIFS; warm yourself with microwaves; more

  • Q&A: Cordless Tool Trigger Guards

    Q: I’d like to know why cordless tools don’t have trigger guards anymore. Bosch used to make one, but they gave it up, or so it seems. Does it have something to do with government requirements? With the gun I use now (Bosch), I hang it in the spare hammer loop on my left hand nail bag, but the new...

  • Backfill: The Building That Wouldn't Fall

  • Backfill: Boom! Boom! Out Go the Lights

    Talk about going out with a bang! The 12-story, 110-room Deauville Hotel in Atlantic City, N.J., was demolished in 1985 to make room for the expansion of the Tropicana Casino