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  • Know Your Market

    AFFORDABLE HOUSING FINANCE talked to Rob Vogt, partner at VWB Research, a national real estate research firm based in Columbus, Ohio.

  • Regional News

    CHICAGO. A 28-unit building providing housing for lowincome and homeless women and their children has opened in the city’s Washington Park neighborhood.

  • In the News

    Homeland Security reconsiders "no match" rule; Harvard Joint Center's Kermit Baker forecasts betters days for remodeling; more

  • Nation’s Housing Woes Continue toWorsen

    With all the hand wringing about what’s been dubbed the “subprime lending crisis,” Congress has spent many days debating ways to help overextended borrowers and impose new regulations on home loan providers.

  • Letters From the Editor

    From the editor; permeance of foam in unvented attics; electrical red flag; immigration

  • AMI Figures Plummet, Freeze Rents

    Say what you like about purchasing power, but average dollar incomes mainly increase.

  • Lord Tennyson Answers Rehab and Financing Needs

    HAYWARD, CA. - Volunteers of America (VOA) overcame regulatory and financial challenges to rehabilitate and preserve the affordability of a key housing development.

  • Historic School’s Students Come Home

    ANNAPOLIS, MD. - A cultural landmark for African-Americans in Maryland, the Wiley H. Bates High School sat vacant for more than 20 years.

  • In the News

    New fact sheet on Hispanic immigrants; loyal clients help umberyard rally after fire; worker injured in scaffold accident; more

  • Developers Reveal the Costs of DoingBusiness

    Most affordable housing owners and developers expect construction costs to increase between 0 percent and 9 percent, longterm permanent loan rates to remain flat, and low-income housing tax credits (LIHTCs) to fetch an average price of about 94 cents per dollar of credit this year.