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  • Q & A

    Florida has experienced unprecedented increases in the cost of land, construction, utilities, property taxes, and insurance

  • NGLIA Launches New Website

    To better promote the understanding, implementation, and use of solid-state sources in specialty and general lighting systems, the

  • Pioneering Deal Uses NMTCs for Housing-OnlyProject

    Pasadena, Calif. - In the expensive Southern California housing market, crafting a financing structure that yields homeownership costs affordable to low-income buyers is enormously challenging.

  • America Circa 2030: The Boom To Come

    In 2030, there will be 106.8 billion square feet of new development, about 46 percent more built space than existed in 2000—a remarkable amount of construction to occur within a generation.

  • The Incredible Shrinking Apartments

    With so many eyes focused on home sales and mortgage rates, it is easy to forget that 34 million U.S. households—one-third of all Americans—currently rent.

  • Developers discuss deal killers, other big challenges

    Land for new affordable housing development is tough to find.

  • Combining affordable housing programs – pitfalls and minefields

    Development of affordable multifamily housing is a complex proposition in the best of circumstances.

  • Letters

    Borate-treated lumber; illegal day laborers; slanted-news charge; of lawyers and engineers

  • In the News

    Solar incentives; Massachusetts sub vs. employee test; energy-saving lighting design guides; more

  • Report shows slight increase in worst-case housing needs

    The number of households with worst-case housing needs rose slightly from 2001 to 2003, according to a Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) report to Congress, but the department says the increase wasn’t statistically significant.