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More stories about Design

  • Roll Out the Barrel House

    A former summer camp whose design came straight from the funny pages gets a new life as a museum.

  • Armstrong Cabinets Relaunches as Echelon Cabinetry

    Two new product lines and a design visualizer emerge after an intensive 18-month re-engineering of Armstrong Cabinets

  • Mixed Reality: The Future of Building Design?

    Is augmented reality just a smart-phone party trick or could it be solace for an increasingly populated planet?

  • Printing Houses

    Printing a house, I wonder what the local code official and the historical commission would have to say about THAT!

  • A House Too Ugly for the Beach?

    A new home's boxy modern design in raising eyebrows in Kennebunk, Maine — and prompting calls for a new town rule to regulate architectural style.

  • Screw-Head Portraiture

    A hybrid of painting and sculpture, Andrew Myers' portraits use screw heads to create remarkable artwork.

  • Creativity - Maybe the Most Valuable Tool you Own!

    Letting creativity play an active role in your life will only enhance your ability to think creatively in your everyday work.

  • Mud Michelangelo

    Bernie Mitchell has spent the past 20 years developing and refining a method of creating remarkably lifelike relief sculptures in drywall mud, many of which ornament the walls of area vacation homes.

  • Masonite Hamel Solid Core Interior Door

    These doors offer a primed hardboard finish and are available with a renewable wheat straw core or with a 20-minute fire rating.

  • Vermont Windows

    Examples of angled gable-end windows, called "Vermont Windows"—a unique feature of farmhouses in several New England states.