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  • More Shingle Art

    Quacks in the siding aren't always a problem.

  • Design:Double Doghouse Dormer

    Double Doghouse Dormer

  • Raising Carolina

    As CEO of Stormont and Company Builders of Kitty Hawk, N.C., Paul Buske builds homes on the Outer Banks that are a far cry from the simple one-story cottages he spent summers in during the 1960s and 1970s. These typically wide, tall custom homes stand on piling foundations; include complex roofs...

  • Simple Tricks for Simple Houses

    Choosing the right style as a prototype is the key to building a handsome and affordable home that has a small "environmental footprint."

  • Toolbox

    Fein MultiMaster and accessories; bits & blades; cabinetmaking

  • Design: Gambrel Roof Structures and Wind Uplift

    Gambrel Roof Structures and Wind Uplift

  • Break Out of the Box

    It started in June 2001 with a survey asking neighbors and residents of Seattle’s High Point development which of seven housing types they preferred for the site.

  • The New Take On Mid-Rise Design

    A four-story gleaming silver ellipse will feature new condominiums over a two-story café space at the corner of 888 Seventh St. in San Francisco

  • How does the design process “start”?

    For this issue, ARCHITECTURAL LIGHTING's annual Light & Architecture Design Awards, the lighting designers and architects behind this year's winning projects share their thoughts on the “starting process.” The topic posed is: How do you start the design process? Is there a clear moment of...

  • A|L Light & Architecture Design Awards 4

    The bar continues to be raised. Each year the A|L Light & Architecture design awards grow steadily, and with it the range and caliber of lighting design work. Now, only in its fourth year, the program received 81 project submissions, and because of the program's structure, which enables projects to...