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  • Four Alternatives to the Competitive Bidding Process

    A recent experience got me thinking about the competitive bid process.

  • Philips Appoints New Chief Design Officers

    Philips has announced the appointment of chief design officers for its Healthcare and Consumer Lifestyle groups. Sean Hughes and Sean Carney join lighting designer Rogier van der Heide, who was named chief design officer for Philips Lighting in Feb. 2010.

  • (De)constructing a Deconstructionist Monument

    Remembered for its dramatic deconstruction of architectural form, the Arnoff Center for Design and Art may have lasting importance as a watershed in computer-aided construction technology.

  • Yas Hotel

    Annual Design Review 2010: Play: Award - Yas Hotel

  • Hancock Mixed-Use Housing

    Annual Design Review 2010: Live: Citation

  • 200 Fifth Avenue

    Annual Design Review 2010: Work: Award

  • Houses Shrink While Buyer Satisfaction Grows

    As homes get smaller, buyers like them more.

  • Four Projects Earn HUD Design Awards

    PASEO SENTER at Coyote Creek, with its plaza and pedestrian roadway flanked by retailstyle social service space, has been recognized for excellence in affordable housing design by the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).

  • A Green Vision for the Big Easy

    NEW ORLEANS—After Hurricane Katrina devastated New Orleans, Matt Petersen, president and CEO of Global Green USA, had a vision for rebuilding this city green.

  • Economical Shearwall Design