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    As the market for parking lot design grows relentlessly higher, architects search for attractive, multipurpose solutions.

  • Philips

  • Q&A: New Design Values for Southern Pine

    Q: I use a lot of southern pine lumber, and I've heard that the design values for the material are about to change. How will that affect its use for things like framing or building decks?

  • The Music of the Spheres

    Spherical buildings present some obvious practical challenges. But because a sphere provides the largest possible interior volume per unit of surface area, the form has long fascinated designers and architects, and quite a few reasonably successful spherical structures have actually been built. 

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    Building with modules can speed production without compromising energy performance.

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    A new value-priced line of frameless cabinetry brings a popular trend to a more affordable pricepoint.

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    Russell Goettel has joined Nancy Goldstein Design, a Marblehead, Mass.-based boutique lighting design firm, as an associate designer.

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    Architectural Lighting: Designing with Light and Space