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  • Russell Goettel joins Nancy Goldstein Design

    Russell Goettel has joined Nancy Goldstein Design, a Marblehead, Mass.-based boutique lighting design firm, as an associate designer.

  • Project Profile: A Rhode Island Timber Frame Cottage

  • Lighting Primer

    Architectural Lighting: Designing with Light and Space

  • A.L.P. Lighting Components Announcements

    A.L.P. Lighting Components, a supplier of components to lighting OEMs has announced a promotion and several hires. Sal Casas has been promoted to vice president and business manager for the company's plastics and metals division. Steve Dix has been appointed vice president of distribution sales and...

  • Industrial Design Celebrated With Stamps

  • Working Small Can Have Big Results

    Building a residential practice is about working at the center of the design process.

  • Talk of the Town

    Richard Tyler lost everything in Katrina, but rebuilt his life with the help of a "Porchdog."

  • Four Alternatives to the Competitive Bidding Process

    A recent experience got me thinking about the competitive bid process.

  • Philips Appoints New Chief Design Officers

    Philips has announced the appointment of chief design officers for its Healthcare and Consumer Lifestyle groups. Sean Hughes and Sean Carney join lighting designer Rogier van der Heide, who was named chief design officer for Philips Lighting in Feb. 2010.

  • (De)constructing a Deconstructionist Monument

    Remembered for its dramatic deconstruction of architectural form, the Arnoff Center for Design and Art may have lasting importance as a watershed in computer-aided construction technology.