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  • A|L Light & Architecture Design Awards 2008

  • Practical Green for Coastal Homes

    As green building grabs the attention of otherwise cautious home buyers, so does the potential for "greenwashing" — the efforts of overzealous marketers to label anything and everything "green." Selectively focusing on one feature while ignoring others, or intentionally misleading buyers about the...

  • Raised Floors for the Low Country

    Elevated floors on pier foundations are mandated in V zones and recommended in coastal A zones. But the moisture and energy details can be a head-scratcher. Whether a builder places the floor system on pier supports or on a perimeter stemwall, he has to face interrelated problems of air sealing...

  • In the News

    A proposed interior-design law stirs controversy in California; a fatal fall leads to criminal obstruction charge in Illinois; more

  • Selling the "Design" in Design-Build

    A small initial design contract can lead to a big job.

  • Snow Loads on Roofs

    Q: I've always thought that building codes leave a pretty generous margin for error when specifying allowances for snow loads, but a series of recent storms and a lot of drifting have resulted in some collapsed roofs in my area. I've seen some roofs with large loads on one side and virtually none...

  • The Design/Energy Code Debate ... continued

    In keeping with ARCHITECTURAL LIGHTING's editorial mission—to promote dialogue in all forms—it is gratifying when an article prompts spontaneous discussion among members of the lighting community. Such an instance occurred—an e-mail exchange between Dawn Hollingsworth, Jim Benya, Francesca...

  • Response to the Nov/Dec 2007 Education Issue

  • A New Kitchen in An Old House

    Shifting an exterior wall made room for a larger, brighter, more versatile space.

  • Banquet Table

    This table, commissioned for the dinner reception following the A|L Light & Architecture Design Awards Roundtable Discussion, held annually at Parsons the New School for Design in New York City, is a completely independent and extra curricular activity for students in the lighting design program.