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  • Straw-Bale Vault

    It's not every day that a world-famous artist asks you to design and build a retreat honoring the work of Egyptian architect Hassan Fathy — in highly seismic Joshua Tree, Calif., to boot.

  • Interview: All in One

    Design/build contractor Andrew DiGiammo specializes in high-end custom coastal projects around Providence, R.I., and Fall River, Mass. He discusses the advantages - for clients and for his company - in being both the architect and builder, and examines the different challenges of residential and...

  • On the Job

    Steel I-beam rafter pair; rock-breaking tip; ice supports

  • Decorative Shingling

    Distinguish your sidewall work with this easy-to-build diamond design

  • Keeping Up With the Munsters

    Moving stairs

  • Keeping the Design Phase on Track

    I've long appeciated the advantages of design/build. This approach to construction removes you from the rat race of competitive bidding.

  • Business: Preventing Remodeling Sticker Shock

    Preventing remodeling sticker shock

  • Building in a Bubble

    Ask any owner of a construction business what his biggest headache is, and chances are the answer will be scheduling — scheduling around permit issues, client indecision, and that least controllable of all contingencies, the weather.

  • Backfill

    A hull of a basement remodel

  • Creating High-End Interiors With MDF

    Though it costs less than wood, MDF is arguably a better material for a paint-grade job. Here are some design and installation tips.