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  • Installing Stock Cabinets

    Turning a profit on a home-center cabinet job starts with the first site visit.

  • Piranesi As Designer

    A fresh look at the eighteenth century artist and architect Giambattista Piranesi.

  • Lighting Innovator George Kovacs Dies

    Designer, manufacturer, and importer of unique modern lighting fixtures George Kovacs died June 22, 2007, at age 80. One of the most recognizable names in the lighting industry, Kovacs made many popular lamps and fixtures and marketed the products of other notable designers, among them Karim Rashid...

  • Ample Samples

    Several companies offer tools to streamline the process of selecting materials—employing emerging sustainable technologies, online access, and critical insight to sort through and reduce the growing piles of product samples in every office corner.

  • Visual Communication

    Media artist Ben Rubin explores the interaction between light, sound, and symbol.

  • Exchange

    In order to practice architectural lighting design, should individuals be required to attend an accredited degree program followed by professional work experience and a licensing exam? Would establishing an education and licensing procedure for lighting designers more in line with the training of...

  • Exchange

    Lighting designers don't feel architects understand or value their work. Architects feel they can take care of basic lighting requirements themselves. So where does the communication between architecture and lighting start in a formalized design education? What is the role of lighting in an...

  • Lighting for the Consumer: Interview with Designer Stephen Saint-Onge

    Saint-Onge has recently joined with Philips to educate the consumer population about its lighting options.

  • Independent Lighting Consultants

    Much effort within the U.S. lighting industry has been focused on preserving and promoting

  • People

    Available Light: NY has announced it has changed its name to