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  • Installing Hip Roof Trusses

    Most builders have installed trusses for gable roofs, but few have used them for a hip roof. A truss roof subcontractor shares tips and techniques — from placing the order to using a crane to fast blocking — gleaned from 18 years of installing hip trusses on both residential and commercial...

  • Q&A: Skirts for Pier Foundations

    Q: What’s the best way to build a skirt around an addition that’s built on piers or posts?

  • Letters

    Balancing cost and good design, working downtown

  • Flat Roof Framing Options

    Even “flat” roofs need some pitch to ensure proper drainage. A California production framer describes the techniques he uses to quickly create slopes on flat roof decks of any size.

  • Focus on Energy: Site Glazing with High-Tech Glass

    Site glazing with Superglass

  • Presentation Drawings for Design-Build

    Selling professional design services requires more than an ability to sketch floor plans. An experienced design-builder offers advice on how to use quality perspective drawings and textured elevations to sell jobs.

  • Building With Styles: Site Drainage Strategies

    Draining the site

  • Kitchen & Bath: Lighting a Bathroom Mirror

    Lighting a bathroom mirror

  • Kitchen Design Solutions: Before and After

    When other designers say it can’t be done, take a closer look. By listening carefully to your client’s needs, you can turn impractical floor plans into efficient working kitchens.

  • The Safe Bathroom

    More accidents happen in the bathroom than in any other room in the house. An experienced design/build contractor explains how to make the bathrooms you build safer by matching fixture layout and clearances to the physical needs of your clients.