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    Understair pantry; hidden header detail; sturdy deck protection; firmer footing

  • Getting Quality From Fiberglass Insulation

    To get the most from fiberglass batts, you have to start thinking about insulation at the framing stage and coordinate with other subcontractors. An insulation contractor explains.

  • Letters

    Cutting trusses, frost-protected posts, ERVs vs. HRVs, foil-faced foam, more

  • A Simple, Stylish Cornice Return

    This basic trim detail turns an unspectacular cut into an eye-catcher.

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    Shoddy construction, vinyl trim detail, clad-window glass replacement, fuel cost comparisons, more

  • Q&A: Vinyl Trim for Bay Windows

    Q: What is the best vinyl trim detail to use on the wide angles of bay windows? The house in question does not have enough room at the corners to use a vinyl outside corner piece, which would be too wide. Is it acceptable to use a piece of inside corner t

  • Q&A: Ventilating a Rain Screen

    Q: I plan to install clapboard siding using the rain screen method. The siding will be fastened to 3/4-inch vertical battens, nailed over each stud. At the top, I plan to ventilate the rain screen into the soffit area. What is the best detail to ventilate

  • Fast Layout for Tall Rake Walls

    This step-by-step procedure for laying out rake walls simplifies cutting and framing.

  • Framing Roofs With Steel

    A Midwest builder shares the simple connection details he uses to speed the framing of roofs with light-gauge steel.

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    Building trades a good career choice; eaves membrane detail questioned; handheld penetrometer sources; more