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  • Water in the Walls -- Three Case Studies

    Whether it comes from green framing lumber or household sources, moisture trapped in wall cavities can cause major headaches. These real-life cases illustrate the expensive consequences of failing to get water out of the walls.

  • A Simple Custom Entry

    A classy covered porch doesn’t have to cost a mint. This one uses stock materials and simplified construction but blends perfectly in a neighborhood of ornate traditional homes.

  • Brick Veneer Basics

    Brick veneer lasts longer and requires less maintenance than other siding materials. A Midwestern masonry contractor describes installation techniques.

  • Q&A: Sealing a Foundation Cold Joint

    Q: We are pouring a foundation for a full-basement addition in an area with a high seasonal water table. What is the best way to detail the joint between an existing foundation and the new foundation to prevent water from leaking in?

  • Building with Style: Trimless Detailing - What's Missing?

    Dress up drywall with wood trim

  • Layout for Fast Framing

    A western production framer walks through the tools and techniques he uses to quickly and accurately lay out walls for fast assembly.

  • Building With Style: Traditional Styles Modern Needs

  • Hybrid Framing With Wood and Steel

    A design/builder describes how his buildings take advantage of the best qualities of wood studs and steel joists.

  • Q&A: Insulated Waterline in Crawlspace

    Q: I currently work in a mountain region where the winter temperatures go well below freezing. Water lines are set 4 feet below grade. In this climate, how would you recommend bringing a water line through a crawlspace and into a house? Code here requires a ventilated crawlspace.

  • Detail: Stealing Space From a Truss Roof

    A remodeler describes how he used engineered lumber and steel plates to turn wasted attic space into a walk-in closet.