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  • Detail: Two Classic Trim Styles

    A finish contractor shows how to satisfy Classical or Victorian tastes using off-the-shelf moldings and a little imagination.

  • Detail: Best Energy-Efficient Wall Design

    This strapped wall design won top honors for energy-efficiency, buildability, and simplicity.

  • Q&A: Builder’s Reference Books

    Q: I need a source that I can go to as a builder the way a writer goes to a thesaurus. Do you know of a book of carpentry terms that lists the parts of a house, down to the smallest detail?

  • Detail: No Wimpy Cornices

    Don’t undersize cornices and other exterior trim. Traditional designs offer guidance.

  • Steel-Stud Partitions

    A journeyman carpenter explains how to install steel studs and tells why he prefers them on many remodeling jobs.

  • Housing Imports: Threat or Opportunity?

    On visits to Japan and Sweden, our Midwest editor found that foreign housing has a technological edge, but that U.S. builders retain a big home-court advantage.

  • Detail: Ventilation Innovations

    Crawlspaces and roofs need vents, but the standard details don’t always fit. Here are two clever solutions to common venting problems.

  • Detail: Cinching Up an Old Schoolhouse

    This repair of a cracked brick building illustrates the forces at work when an old foundation settles and how to master them.

  • Detail: Fat-Wall Windows

    Extra-thick, superinsulated walls complicate window details. Here’s one solution that’s easy to build and appeals to customers.

  • Interview: Rafter Framing with Wood I-Beams

    Illinois builder Mike Hoch explains why he uses engineered members for rafters and offers tips on handling, cutting, and installation.