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  • Lights Out, Nobody Home: in Atlantic City, it's Hard to Get Started

    Florida developer Glenn Straub is betting he can make a go of Atlantic City’s failed Revel Casino Hotel. But first, he’ll have to get the power turned on.

  • The $680K Mistake: Beach House Built On Wrong Lot

    “It’s a beaut. Can you move it?” The owners of a brand new custom home in Hammock Dunes, Florida, got some bad news this year. Their new house should have been built on the lot next door.

  • One-Voter Referendums Give Texas Developers Taxation Power

    When you develop empty land, sometimes you can end up with a lot of clout.

  • Are Lawyers Crushing The Condo Market In Denver?

    Big builders and developers are bowing out of the condo business in Denver, Colorado. Is it because of the out-of-control construction defect lawsuits?

  • Finding and Navigating Construction Capital

    Access to construction capital is starting to loosen up, but the process of structuring a construction loan and putting together a feasible capital stack has become trickier, according to panelists at AHF Live: The 2010 Affordable Housing Developers Summ

  • Preparing for 2010

    Developers will find tougher underwriting standards as well as a greater emphasis on project readiness when states reserve their low-income housing tax credits (LIHTCs) next year.

  • Green Building Sprouts in Detroit

    DETROIT Partners nonprofit Northwest Detroit Neighborhood Development, Inc.

  • Addressing the Changing Landscape

    Developers and owners have been hit hard over the last year with a struggling lowincome housing tax credit market and troubled fi- nancial markets.

  • Preservation Finalists

    BROOKLYN, N.Y. To keep hundreds of apartments at Spring Creek Gardens affordable, developers had to fight off a string of speculators who saw an opportunity to raise the rents.

  • FHA Courts Affordable Developers

    Tax credit developers are turning to the Federal Housing Administration (FHA) as they get set to ramp up longdormant projects.