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  • Developers grapple with mixed-use projects

    Many cities are hungry for mixed-use affordable housing developments. City planners believe housing complemented by retail is key to community revitalization.

  • Survey finds broad opposition to development – ofany kind

    Developers are twice as likely to find local opinion opposed to their real estate development than in support of it, according to a new survey of American attitudes about land use.

  • New York City more than doubles its housing plan

    NEW YORK CITY Mayor Michael Bloomberg has a bold insight: If you fight for decent, affordable housing, not only do you create stronger cities, but you also win votes in elections.

  • Developers consider the year ahead The good, the bad and the what-ifs

    Affordable housing developers can’t ask for much more than what they got from the low-income housing tax credit (LIHTC) market in 2005.

  • Benefit of Trees

    By Wendy Leibowitz. Ten builders and developers who made tree preservation a priority in the design, production, development, and marketing of their new communities were honored in August with 2003 Building With Trees Awards of Excellence by The National Arbor Day Foundation, Firewise Communities...

  • Backfill: Sucking Up Prairie Dogs

    Wanted: new homes for prairie dogs

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    Estimating basics, laminate countertop primer, roofing material spec book

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    Construction dictionaries, layout techniques, practical home automation, air quality basics, and more

  • New England Update

  • New England Update