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More stories about Developers

  • Staying Power

    This year's Top 50 developers started 23,428 affordable housing units in 2008. Each one has some extra sweat and maybe a tear or two on them.

  • Look on the Brighter Side

    The news continues to be bleak, and signs of the economic downturn on the affordable housing industry are evident in AFFORDABLE HOUSING FINANCE’s exclusive rankings of the Top 50 owners and developers.

  • Using Energy Credits

    Incorporating solar panels at housing tax credit properties offers many valuable benefits

  • How to Survive Tough Times

    The stakes are raised this year for affordable housing developers.

  • Looking for a Deal? Public Housing Has Billions to Spend

    In February, Congress handed public housing authorities $4 billion for capital needs as part of the stimulus package, and billions more may be allocated this year through the appropriations process.

  • Caution Ahead

    A number of the mistakes made by developers are the same that have been made for years

  • The New Colonias

    SAN JUAN, TEXAS—Homes made of scavenged wood line the streets of some subdivisions here, where very poor “homeowners” can be thrown out on almost any pretext.

  • Breaking Ground

    NEW ORLEANS—While a marching band played ragtime and former residents cheered, New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin cut the ribbon to open 30 rebuilt seniors apartments at Wisdom Manor in January.

  • After the Flood

    Drivers along Interstate 10, tracing the Gulf Coast from the Florida panhandle through Alabama to Mississippi, can still see wreckage left behind by the hurricanes of 2005

  • Developers Weather the Storm

    Affordable developers have struggled for years to fill vacant lots and repair abandoned buildings in the low-income neighborhoods of aging Northeastern cities.