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  • Projects In Progress: Three Case Studies

    You may wonder how well textbook tactics work out in the field. We spoke with a few developers of current affordable projects, and got a wide range of responses.

  • Customizing Closets

    The old board-and-pole closet doesn’t make it in today’s marketplace. A closet specialist shows how to offer custom solutions at a modest cost.

  • Miscellany

  • Traditional Looks for Sale

    Corbels, balustrades, sconces, and friezes have found their way back into new and renovation projects. Here’s a survey of the growing marketplace.

  • Assessing Difficult Sites

    A prominent Denver land planner discusses the importance of thoroughly, and quickly, evaluating a development site before making a purchase.

  • Erosion Control on Construction Sites

    Two conservation officers explain the basics of erosion control, and why it’s become an issue for builders.

  • Land-Use Regs: Learning the Ropes

    An insider’s view of the regulatory maze and how to get through it without losing your shirt or your mind.

  • Understanding Impact Fees

    This primer, adapted from a new NAHB manual, sheds some light on what is fast becoming a major cost of doing business for builders across the U.S.

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