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  • Construction Financing Unscathed by Credit Crunch

    Affordable housing developers will be able to procure construction financing next year with relative ease, even as the rates and terms of permanent debt become more challenging.

  • Construction Still a Pain in the Wallet

    As the single-family housing market began to tank last year, many developers expected construction costs for apartments to drop.

  • Low-Cost Housing a Challenge for Midwest Developers

    Familiar local issues combined with recent changes to federal programs are making the Midwest affordable housing markets more challenging for area developers.

  • The Supportive Housing Boom

    BROOKLYN, N.Y.—A developer here is doing something smart: Adding supportive-housing units to an affordable housing property. Thanks to state incentives, this move is helping to offset development costs.

  • Central Concerns

    Rehabbing existing properties and building more rural and workforce housing have become prime concerns of developers in Texas and other South Central states.

  • Wax Affordable

    More than 80 affordable housing experts will bring their extensive expertise and knowledge to the table at AHF Live: The 2007 Tax Credit Developers’ Summit, to be held Oct. 24-26 in Chicago. 

  • The Case for Building Green

    or years, many developers thought of “green” and “affordable” as incompatible.

  • It Takes a Village

    WILMINGTON, DE. - The Eastlake neighborhood was known as “the Bucket.”

  • Developers Reveal the Costs of DoingBusiness

    Most affordable housing owners and developers expect construction costs to increase between 0 percent and 9 percent, longterm permanent loan rates to remain flat, and low-income housing tax credits (LIHTCs) to fetch an average price of about 94 cents per dollar of credit this year.

  • Three’s a Charm

    On July 23, 2006, The Miami Herald dropped a bombshell.