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More stories about Development

  • Cool Cities Initiative

    In late June, Patterson, N.J., Mayor Jose "Joey" Torres joined representatives from Wrigley Park Development LLC, the Bank of New York, and Fannie Mae to announce the completion of the first home built under the Cool Cities urban revitalization initiative. This pilot project uses energy-efficient...

  • In the News

    Wood dust cancer, EPA stormwater rules, septic alternatives, new salvaged wood supply, solar electric resurgence

  • They Want It Their Way

    Every day, volume builders look for ways to cut costs and still create an attractive community. But when it comes to building active adult communities, the prevailing wisdom these days dictates: Don't hold back on the amenities.

  • Strictly Business: Building on Spec

    Building on spec

  • Backfill: Sucking Up Prairie Dogs

    Wanted: new homes for prairie dogs

  • Notebook

    The fight against sprawl; new labor-saving copper fittings; borate-treated lumber wards off termites; L-shaped headers for steel framing; more

  • Backfill: The Last One to Let You Down

    Making way for development means moving everything — even graveyards

  • Notebook

    Portland, Ore., growth restrictions; Minnesota energy code takes on backdrafting; new concrete reinforcing; top ten building markets

  • Backfill: Notes From the Underground

    The underground man

  • Notebook

    The best low-flow toilets, easing the labor shortage with the welfare-to-work program, new shear wall design, the Cadillac of scaffolding systems, support for women in construction