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  • Zumtobel Careena

    A recessed fixture which uses red and white LEDs to achiece a medium color temperature.

  • Acuity Brands Lighting to Work with Lighting Science Group

    Acuity Brands Lighting has entered an alliance with Lighting Science Group Corp. to develop and launch multiple LED-based products as part of Acuity Brands' product portfolio. Acuity says Lighting Science Group is a way to improve its architectural, commercial, industrial,and public infrastructure...

  • Villa Plans New Headquarters

    Commercial lighting distributor Villa Lighting of St. Louis will begin construction of a 222,573-square-foot office/warehouse in March that will serve as its headquarters building, and expects to complete the $13-million project by the end of 2008. The 10.4-acre site is located in St. Louis. Villa...

  • H8643

    This shallow-depth, wide-beam downlight operates interchangeably with one 26W, 32W, or 42W triple-tube compact fluorescent lamp. A steel housing protects and aligns the reflectors and lamps. Reducing recess-depth installation requirements, the socket is mounted horizontally in an ellipsoidal...

  • Energizing New Orleans

    New Orleans-based distributor

  • Fitting Up a Custom Saw Trailer

    Nothing like rolling the shop to the job to slash setup time. A GC tells how he built a custom saw trailer with a 14-inch radial arm saw, a large-capacity air compressor, and tons of storage space.

  • Trade Talk: Switching Lights With X10 Controllers

    Switching lights with X10 controllers

  • Resources

    Books on lighting design

  • What's New in Solid-Surfacing

    The solid-surfacing industry is changing fast as more manufacturers enter the market. Here’s an update of new product choices, plus a review of tools designed specifically for solid-surface fabrication.

  • Choosing a Whole-House Ventilation System

    Homeowners and code officials are beginning to insist on better mechanical ventilation systems. A ventilation expert helps you choose the best system for your climate.