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More stories about Drywall

  • American Clay Earth Plasters Workshop Pays Off

    In early 2007, a customer invited me to a local one-day workshop offered by the manufacturer of American Clay Earth Plasters.

  • Dealing With Creaky Subflooring

    Q: I was asked to look at a job where the homeowners have issues with loud, creaking floors.

  • Toolbits

    Fixed-blade utility knife; drywall repair template; hole saw for can lights; nail puller

  • Moisture-Resistant Drywall From Certainteed

    CertainTeed. ProRoc drywall with M2Tech technology features a water-resistant core and moisture- and mold-resistant paper face. The product is Greenguard certified and is available in Type X panels. M2Tech is also available in the companys newest product, AirRenew, which absorbs formaldehyde and...

  • Recycled-Content, Lightweight Sheetrock From USG

    USG. Featuring a reformulated core and manufacturing process, Sheetrock UltraLight 1/2-inch panels are up to 30% lighter than competing wallboard, the company says, providing for more fuel-efficient shipping and easier handling on the jobsite. The panels carry ULs Environmental Claims Validation...

  • Moisture-Resistant Drywall

    For interior spaces susceptible to mold, Gold Bond offers gypsum board with a moisture-resistant core and fiberglass face.

  • Chinese Drywall NAHB CPSC Issue Guidelines on Chinese Drywall Abatement

  • Drywall Neutralizes VOCs

    Last year's news was full of stories about defective Chinese gypsum board making people sick.

  • Drywall Patching Plates

    The Mulligan promises to make repairing sloppy cuts around electrical boxes faster and easier.

  • Moisture-Resistant Gypsum From Lafarge

    Lafarge. Mold Defense gypsum for interior wall and ceiling applications features a moisture-resistant core and treated paper facings on the front, back, and long edges. The product, which is made from synthetic gypsum, can be used as tile backer in dry applications or in areas where some...