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More stories about Education

  • The Architect’s Bookshelf

    The National Gallery expands its collection of historic architecture books with the support of Leo A Daly.

  • Family Finalists

    BOWLING GREEN, KY.. Some low-income parents trying to further their post-secondary education and become self-sufficient have a new place to call home.

  • The Three Graces

    Cheryl English, Mary Beth Gotti, and Pam Horner connect some of the industry's largest manufacturers to the design community and beyond

  • People + Projects + Products

    nnovation is most often associated with introducing something that is new, but it also represents the ability to effect change. And it is that daring to imagine something different that is at the root of ARCHITECTURAL LIGHTING's Sixth Annual Innovation Issue. No matter the person, the project, or...

  • The Pursuit of Passion

    There are no hard numbers on how many minority lighting designers are practicing, but one thing's for sure: the current number isn't enough

  • Just the Facts

    DOE's SSL Quality Advocates program encourages manufacturers to simplify information about LED products for consumers.

  • MacArthur Foundation Names New President

    Robert Gallucci, dean of the School of Foreign Service at Georgetown University, will take over as president of the MacArthur Foundation on July 1.

  • HUD Pushes Childhood Education with HOPE VI

    For the first time, public housing authorities are being encouraged to incorporate early childhood education components into their HOPE VI projects.

  • Aimco Joins with NLHA to Provide Scholarships for Low-Income Residents

    Apartment Investment and Management Co. (Aimco), one of the largest multifamily owners and managers, is establishing the Aimco Cares Opportunity Scholarship to provide funds for residents of affordable housing to attend college

  • The Skylight Series

    Velux promotes daylighting through a number of sponsored studios