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More stories about Education

  • Aimco Joins with NLHA to Provide Scholarships for Low-Income Residents

    Apartment Investment and Management Co. (Aimco), one of the largest multifamily owners and managers, is establishing the Aimco Cares Opportunity Scholarship to provide funds for residents of affordable housing to attend college

  • The Skylight Series

    Velux promotes daylighting through a number of sponsored studios

  • Anatomy of a Lighting Course

    A novel approach to teaching architecture students the ways of the sun

  • Architectural Lighting Fundamentals

    Jean Sundin discusses core curriculum initiatives for lighting education.

  • Educational Endeavors

    Lighting education is a worldwide endeavor, and there are centers in the United States and abroad that strive to provide those interested in learning about various aspects of lighting with the proper tools. One such place is the Lighting Academy in Florence, Italy—a lighting training program...

  • IALD Education Trust Fund Ad Auction

    ARCHITECT and ARCHITECTURAL LIGHTING have donated ad space to benefit the IALD Education Trust Fund.

  • IALD Education Trust Fund Ad Auction

    CBTD Extention Passes Congress as Part of the Economic Stabilization Act

  • Study Group for 2008 LC Exam in New York

  • Shréder Lighting Launches Seminars for Lighting Agents and Specifiers

  • IALD Education Trust Fund Ad Page Auction