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  • Scholarship applications for the IALD Education Trust are due by February 1, 2005.

    Scholarship applications for the IALD Education Trust are due by February 1, 2005. Amounts range from $500 to $5,000 for undergraduate and graduate students studying architectural lighting. More information is available on the IALD website at

  • Lincoln School

    A coordinated effort between architect and lighting manufacturer creates an educational environment that teaches a thing or two about lighting design.

  • LRC Graduate Program Expanded

    The Lighting Research Center (LRC) recently announced that it will expand its graduate education programs with the 2004–05 academic year.

  • Sustainable Lighting Goes to School

    The Evergreen State College in Olympia, Washington, is a liberal arts and sciences school with a different approach to education than most colleges.

  • Watt Stopper Education Series

    new education series offers regional training seminars for industry professionals on the use of lighting controls in relation to energy code compliance, green building initiatives and sustainable design. Most courses offer AIA/CES accreditation and NCQLP qualification. For more information visit

  • Nuckolls Fund Names Grant for Lesley Wheel

    The Nuckolls Fund for Lighting Education has named a grant in honor of Lesley Wheel.

  • lighting energy codes squelch creativity

    After participating in the Architectural Lighting Master Classes, which was the best assembly of lighting specialists I've ever witnessed, I came to the conclusion that architectural lighting in the hands of designers like Howard Brandston, Paul Gregory, Ray Grenald, Ann Kale, Robert Prouse and...

  • Advance Course Approved by NCQLP

    Ballast manufacturer

  • Advance Course Approved by NCQLP

    Ballast manufacturer

  • naed endowment on a roll

    the recent arrival of a steady stream of press releases announcing substantial donations to the National Association of Electrical Distributors (NAED) Education and Research Foundation piqued the curiosity of A|L editors. What prompted the donations? And why the sizable amounts? The answer is a...