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  • Q&A: Granite Tile Countertops

    Q: We are planning to use 1-foot-square granite tiles in a kitchen counter application because it is more affordable than granite slabs. Can I install the granite right over plywood, or do you recommend Durock as an underlayment? What type of grout would work best? How wide a space should we leave...

  • Q&A: Preventing Grout Stains on Kitchen Counters

    Q: I often hear clients complain that they like the look of their tile kitchen counters, but that it’s too hard to keep the grout lines clean. Is there any kind of grout that resists staining, or a sealer that works?

  • Q&A: Removing Old Grout

    Q: Is there an easy way to remove old grout from a tub surround without working by hand with a grout saw?

  • Q&A: Air-Nailing Backerboard

    Q: Can I use a pneumatic nail gun to fasten tile backerboard to floors and walls?

  • Eight-Penny News

  • Schools For Contractors

    To sharpen your business skills, a variety of educational programs are available. Here’s how to select the right one for you.

  • Employee Benefits That Work

    Contractors share the benefits they’ve devised to keep employees happy without busting the company’s budget.

  • How Do I Use My Computer?

    To get the most our of your computer, you’ll need training. Here’s where to look for help.

  • Q&A: Training for Home Inspection

    Q: I am a contractor hoping to diversify into the home inspection business. What would be the best way to gain the necessary education and proper certification?

  • Case in Point: Learning from Others' Mistakes