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    Upgrading service equipment increases safety and load capacity while bringing the house up to code.

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    When it comes to wiring, these tools and products can save you time and money

  • Moving an Electrical Box

    Q: On a current kitchen remodel, my electrician placed one of the electrical boxes for the countertop outlets too low. I need to raise it about an inch to clear a stone backsplash. There's enough stripped Type NM-B cable left in the box to do this without splicing, but because the plastic sheathing...

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    Gutters; water treatment; electrical devices

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    Q. What's the quickest and easiest way to bring a two-wire circuit up to code?

  • Soundings: Landscape Lighting for the Coast

    Landscape Lighting for the Coast

  • Limits on Outlets

    Q. How many receptacles can I put on a 15-amp and a 20-amp circuit?

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  • Job-Costing for Survival

    Accurate estimating is the foundation of your business. Until you have control over your estimates, anything else you want to do with your company is mostly a pipe dream.

  • Wiring The High-Tech House

    Structured wiring is the backbone that makes home automation work.