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  • Focus on French Doors

    Engineered for energy efficiency and leak-free performance, hinged patio doors are an elegant option in any climate.

  • In the News

    Energy Star adopts tougher window standards; Entran II settlement winds down; OSHA trainer charged with selling fake certificates; more

  • Top 10 Tips to Go Green

    Based on dozens of interviews with developers, engineers, and investors, here are AFFORDABLE HOUSING FINANCE's top 10 practical green building tips.

  • White Paper Compares Energy Efficient Glazings

    Glass supplier PPG Industries has published "A Comparison of Energy, Economic and Environmental Benefits of Tinted Low-E Glasses," a white paper summarizing a comparative analysis of four commonly specified tinted, low-emissivity (low-E) glasses. The paper reviews a study conducted by the...

  • Restoring Old Windows

    You can make old double-hungs operate as smoothly as any modern alternative — and look a whole lot better.

  • A Builder's Guide to Energy Codes

    A close look at current energy codes - and where they're headed.

  • Quick Wood Replacement Windows

    As long as you've measured carefully, you can install a high-quality insert in less than an hour.

  • M2901 Series

    The medium- and long-throw high-intensity M2901 Series is designed for a 100W PAR38 ceramic metal halide lamp. The extruded aluminum housing has an integral thermally protected electronic ballast. There is a self-locking feature for both horizontal and vertical focusing, and the capacity for...

  • Edge-lit Exit Signs

    Illuminated with LEDs, these edge-lit signs have three mounting options: top, side and back. Other features include an extruded-aluminum housing, a UV-stabilized clear acrylic panel, and a lead calcium rechargeable battery. The field-applied chevron directional indicators simplify specification and...