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More stories about Energy-Efficient Windows

  • Refinishing Faded Wood Floors

    Q. My 7-year-old hardwood floor needs to be refinished because the stain faded from the sun. I was hoping to restain it with a product that could withstand direct sunlight. Do you have any recommendations?

  • Letters

    Lead hazards hit home; effective AC for humid climates; swimming with shocks; cupped LVL; more

  • Hurricane-Rated Windows

    Storm-resistant windows are now required by code all along the eastern seaboard. Here's an overview of how these beefed-up units work to keep storm pressures out of the structure.

  • Weatherstripping Existing Windows

    A California remodeler tells how he retrofits weatherstripping on existing wood windows for sound and thermal insulation.

  • Making Windows Fit

    It's easy to get carried away with window placement in a house design and end up with a jumbled-looking facade. This article illustrates some simple guidelines for making windows compatible with the other elements of a house.

  • Glazing a Custom Sunroom

    Besides providing a positive weather seal, sloped glazing needs to collect and channel condensed moisture to the outside. This flexible system of aluminum extrusions and rubber gaskets does just that.

  • Q&A:Moisture in Post-and-Beam Home

    Q. The owners of a post-and-beam we've just completed are having a condensation problem on the inside of the windows. The colder it gets, the more ice develops on the glass, to the point the windows won't open. We used good-quality windows. The temperatur

  • Choosing Vinyl Windows

    There's more to vinyl windows than meets the eye. Here's an inside look at how they go together - and how you can use them to best advantage.

  • By Design: Choosing the Right Windows

    Choosing the right windows

  • Notebook

    Canadian softwood dispute, mysterious IGU failures, Ford ads attract ire of wood industry, site-built shear-wall details, DeWalt saw recall, Business Tune-Up, more