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  • Notebook

    Cordless battery update, lumber price predictions, “green” building defined, geothermal heat pump rebates curtailed, job-site theft, storm shelters in tornado alley, algae-resistant shingles, residential silos

  • Flitch Beam Retrofit

    A custom remodeler tells how he and a helper used standard tools to install a three-quarter-ton steel sandwich before removing a masonry support wall for a first-story addition.

  • Resources

    Window technology guide, roof framer’s handbook, construction tax help, timber framer manual

  • Practical Engineering: Holding Down the Roof

    Wind uplift on roofs

  • Q&A: Sizing Steel Girders

    Q: A while ago you ran an article recommending that you limit deflection of built-up wood girders to L/600 so that the floor joists wouldn’t vibrate excessively (see Practical Engineering, 8/97). My question: Does this also apply to steel girders, or is it mainly a wood-related issue, owing to the...

  • Notebook

    Factory-built framing components, drywall shortages, new rules for home-office deductions, guide to high-wind wood framing

  • Practical Engineering: Designing Overhanging Joists

    Sizing overhanging joists

  • Notebook

    New efficiency program guarantees energy costs, AGC adopts pay-if-paid contracts, IBC to replace existing model codes, over-the-counter “green” materials, vent-free fire-place cautions, self-insured medical plans, new pressure-treated wood classifications

  • Q&A: Solid Floor Blocking

    Q: In the search for a bounce-free floor, does either solid blocking or cross-bridging do anything to reduce the vibration caused by foot traffic? I haven’t been able to sense a difference between blocked or bridged floors and those without blocking or bridging. Consequently, I haven’t used either...

  • Computer Solutions: Simplified Structural Design

    Software for sizing structural components