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  • smithgroup lobby, detroit

    CHALLENGE In 1999, when full-service architectural engineering firm SmithGroup moved into the Guardian Building, it renovated the ground-floor lobby and inserted a glass and steel conference center pavilion within the elaborate three-story-high art deco vaulted space. Recently, when the building...

  • A|L Design Awards, Commendable Achievement: Carlton Hotel Lobby

    When New York's Carlton Hotel (originally built in 1904 as the Seville Hotel) underwent extensive renovations in 2001, a new identity was created, as well as a new look.

  • Flashing an Entry Door

    For doors with applied casings, simple flashings made from self-healing membrane serve the same purpose as fins

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    Restyling a raised ranch

  • Design: Dressing Up the Gable End

    Better-looking gable ends

  • Choosing Entry-Door Hardware

    For the best door security, install a deadbolt, reinforce the strike plate and tie it into the frame, and use forged, hardened, and corrosion-resistant lock components.

  • Q&A: Curing a Sagging Entry

    Q. I just replaced the insulating steel and fiberglass door in an entry door assembly with dual sidelights. The new door strikes the jamb near the top on closing, and the clearance along the top is uneven. I tried driving a couple of long screws through t

  • What's New in Exterior Doors

    Fiberglass, composite, and a few new options have expanded the choices of entry doors beyond steel and wood.

  • By Design: Entrance Options

    Design options for the main entrance

  • By Design: Transom Window Layout

    Tweaking the look of transom windows