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  • Products

    Remote-mounted vent fans, flexible gas tubing, OSB with layout lines, MDF molding, electrical box extender, weatherproof adhesive, two-part urethane foam, tall entry doors, foil-faced bubble wrap, heavy-duty lockset, water purification system, laminate flooring, steam bath generator

  • Products

    New soft-sided tool bag, premitered vinyl door trim, easy-mix epoxy, classy eye protection

  • Jambs & Thresholds For Fat Walls

    Extra-thick walls present a problem when it comes to installing prehung entry-door units. Here are some tested solutions, both stock and custom, that can help.

  • Letters

    Foam insulation pitfalls, sticking deadbolts

  • Fine-Tuning Entry Door Locksets

    A sticky front door knob is often the item at the top of the punchlist. But this common problem can be eliminated at installation if you understand how locksets work. Here are the tricks one builder uses to get it right the first time.

  • Building With Style: The Key to the Front Door

    Intriguing entryways

  • A Simple Custom Entry

    A classy covered porch doesn’t have to cost a mint. This one uses stock materials and simplified construction but blends perfectly in a neighborhood of ornate traditional homes.

  • For What It's Worth

  • Shopping for Entry Doors

    JLC examines what features and finishes to look for in exterior doors and reviews the latest innovations.