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  • Waiting to Pounce

    CASH IS KING, BUT THE KING has left the building.

  • Second Coming

    RICHARD BOALES HAD bought multifamily projects from other developers before, but never one that was halfway through construction.

  • Hagan Sees Hopeful Signs

    CHICAGO—Joe Hagan is feeling better about the low-income housing tax credit (LIHTC) market these days.

  • What's Ahead for Enterprise

    COLUMBIA, MD.—Charles Werhane has taken over Enterprise Community Investment, Inc., at a critical time.

  • Tips on Refinancing Conduit Loans

    TODD GOULET, SENIOR VICE PRESIDENT with KeyBank Real Estate Capital, has been getting a lot of desperate calls lately. About 25 percent of the apartment owners who call him are in trouble.

  • Caution Ahead

    A number of the mistakes made by developers are the same that have been made for years

  • LIHTC Investors, Syndicators Weigh Market Outlook

    When looking at deals, it used to be about the three Ls-location, location, location.

  • Equity Investors Target 50 Percent Higher IRRs

    How much more yield will equity sources seek on their multifamily investments in an economic climate that promises to be one of the most challenging in a century?

  • Private Investors Drive Equity Market

    Small private equity groups are flooding the marketplace and investors are targeting cash-on-cash returns over internal rates of return, according to panelists on the equity investment session at the recent Apartment Finance Today Conference.

  • Amend, Extend, and Hope: Lenders Look to Stop the Bleeding

    As apartment fundamentals continue to erode, lenders are hoping to stop the increase in multifamily delinquency rates through a variety of portfolio management efforts.