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    CHICAGO The Chicago Housing Authority (CHA) broke ground on the first new mixed-income development along the State Street Corridor since the authority’s sweeping Plan for Transformation began in 1999.

  • “Condominiumized” ownership helpsNYC bond deal work

    New York City – Taking advantage of a red-hot rental market, developer Artimus Construction put together an unusual financing structure that enabled it to provide luxury amenities to residents from a broad income range.

  • Equity avalanche will continue through 2006

    There’s just no way around it. Entrepreneurial types across the U.S. can expect to keep banging heads with institutionally backed players pretty much any time a sizable multi-family acquisition or development opportunity arises in 2006.

  • More mezzanine targeting multifamily ventures in’06

    Multifamily borrowers are likely to find plentiful mezzanine-type capital in 2005.

  • Equity Investment

    While apartment development may be a risky proposition given the continuing slump in tenant demand, many of the big equity players partnering with multifamily entrepreneurs around the country these days are nevertheless becoming more liberal with developm

  • Financing Spec Homes

    A builder tells how he uses banks, home equity, subordination agreements, and private investors to get the money to build on spec.

  • Strictly Business: Tracking Your Own Labor

    Accounting for your own labor

  • Making Sense of Your Balance Sheet

    These standard balance sheet ratios will take the mystery out of your financial records and help you make sound long-term management decisions.

  • A Small Builder's Guide to Accounting

    Here’s a painless introduction to the sometimes bewildering world of debits, credits, and double-entry accounting.

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