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  • LightFair 2008 Calls for Speakers; Deadline Sept. 14

    LightFair International 2008 has issued a call for speakers for its Daylighting Institute and LightFair Institute educational sessions, which include two-day courses, three-hour workshops, and 90-minute seminars in eight tracks. The deadline for submissions is Sept. 14; all submissions must be made...

  • Brandston Lectures on Lighting Design

    Award-winning lighting consultant and industry veteran Howard Brandston, principal of MM Brandston & Co., will be conducting master classes in lighting design during the month of August for the Queensland University of Technology in Brisbane, Melbourne, and Sydney, Australia.

  • NAED Changes Annual Meeting Name & Format

    The National Association of Electrical Distributors (NAED) has changed the name and format of its annual meeting as part of its 100th anniversary celebration. Formerly known as the NAED Annual Meeting, it will be called the NAED National Electrical Leadership Summit beginning with the 2008 meeting...

  • To Market, To Market

    A season of new product offerings is as diverse as the tradeshow venues themselves.

  • LightCongress Turns Five

    Celebrating its fifth anniversary, LightCongress, which took place on March 13, 2007, once again assembled an impressive line up of speakers. The day began with a keynote presentation by Laurie Kerr, Senior Policy Advisor in the New York City Mayor's Office for Long Term Planning and...

  • Report from Valencia, spain

    the mediterranean port city of valencia played host to its annual furniture, lighting, and décor and accessories fair, September 19 to 24. Spain's third-largest city, Valencia is a charming blend of historic and modern styles. It is the birthplace of the rice and seafood dish paella. It is also the...

  • Open House New York Begins

    October 8, 2005, marks the beginning of the third annual

  • i want that light

    The second iteration of A|L Residential has proven to me that I am a covetous person. I want the lighting that other people have. I had a similar reaction during my rounds at Euroluce, from whence several of our product selections on pages 21 through 24 have come. The lighting component of the...

  • Lightfair International Calls for Speakers

    (LFI) has announced a call for speakers for its 2007 conference in New York. Submissions, which must be entered online at

  • A Report from Lightfair 2006

    The 17th annual Lightfair, held in Las Vegas from May 28 through June 1, exceeded expectations with over 16,500 attendees and a record number of exhibitors. Despite the Memorial Day weekend, everyone showed up, and this Lightfair was fresh and enjoyable, with plenty to see. Here are a few product...