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More stories about Exteriors

  • Rebuilding the Shores, Increasing the Risks

    Coastal development has soared over the past few decades and so has the risk accompanied with shoreline development.

  • Upgrading the WRB With a Drainage Mat

    Installing one of these membranes can help prevent rot behind stone and masonry veneers

  • Self-Adhered Housewrap

    BlueskinVP serves as both housewrap and air barrier

  • Rotproof Doors

    Masonite's "Lemieux Torrefied Collection" doors are treated to resist heat, cold, and moisture

  • Lightweight Roof Tiles

    Quarrix Composite Tiles weigh a lot less than concrete and clay and come in six colors

  • Skylift Roof Risers

    A simple way to add a patio roof cover

  • Built-Up Exterior Trim

    Solutions for building up trim to better complement the thickness of cedar shingles

  • No-Rot Ledger

    The Deck Ledger system consists of extruded aluminum ledger boards and joist hangers

  • Easy Post Wrap

    Preassembled KleerWrap can be put in place by a single worker

  • Wind-Resistant Doors

    GlassCraft's Impact Fiberglass Entry Doors are approved for use in high-wind zones of Florida and Texas