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  • Carpenter Finds Old Silent Movie Reel In New Hampshire Barn

    Before demolishing an old barn, New Hampshire carpenter Peter Massie thought he’d take a look around. He found a piece of cinema history.

  • The City Dark

    Filmmaker Ian Cheney explores contemporary society's relationship to the night sky.

  • Billy Wilder Theater, Los Angeles

    After a generous $5 million gift from Audrey Wilder, wife of the late film director and writer Billy Wilder, for whom the theater is named, the museum was able to hire Michael Maltzan Architecture and Cambridge, Massachusetts-based lighting design firm Lam Partners to create the new 295-seat...

  • Holo 47

    Part of the Catherine Grandidier collection, Holo 47 has been reintroduced in a smaller size (it is now almost 10 inches high and just over 18 inches in diameter) and new color combinations?Bora Bora (turquoise, blue, and green), Bali (white and pink), and Saint Petersbourg (silver and gold). The...

  • Topaz T4

    Featuring the scale of a DVD, the Topaz T4 uses a 20W T4 ceramic metal halide lamp and a miniature ballast. The diminutive fixture features optics for spot and medium flood distributions, as well as a snap-in/snap-out snoot. Color options include white, black and grey.

  • Q&A: Repainting Greasy Walls

    Q: I occasionally need to repaint kitchen walls that have a thin buildup of grease on them. Are there any products available that will cut through this film so I can apply latex or polyurethane?

  • Latex Enamel Problems & Solutions

    Paint that deteriorates prematurely makes the whole job look shoddy. Here are the most common causes for water-based paint failures, and what to do about them.

  • Photographing Your Work

    Good photographs can help put your craftsmanship in the best light. A builder describes the equipment and techniques he uses to capture his work on film.