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  • A HUD Budget Increase?

    The Senate Appropriations Committee has approved a fiscal 2009 funding bill that would provide a substantial boost over current-year funding as well as the president’s budget request for the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).

  • For-Sale Housing from NMTCs

    COLUMBUS, OHIO - Vacant houses in neighborhoods like American Addition and North of Broad here are getting a second chance, thanks to the New Markets Tax 

  • Bold Financing Fills Need

    NORTH SMITHFIELD, R.I. - The 80 affordable seniors apartments at the Meadows might look old-fashioned, with burgundy and yellow siding and a weather vane on the peaked rook over the front door.

  • Working the High-Rise Niche

    Our company has provided remodeling and handyman services to Chicago homeowners for the past 10 years. We started out working in single-family homes, but early on an architect hired us for a large job in a high-rise apartment building. Today, high-rise work accounts for half our volume. We work in...

  • Clarifying Liability Coverage

    Q. After working for several years as an employee, I recently headed out on my own and began shopping around for liability insurance. Most policies offer "occurrence" coverage, but one company offers a "claims made" policy that provides similar coverage for less money. What's the difference between...

  • Lessons From the Corporate World

    Imagine two builders. Builder No. 1 is an experienced project manager who decides to start his own business. His technical skills are finely honed, he knows how to manage a crew and schedule, and he builds homes that customers love. But a few years after hanging out his shingle he is still...

  • Young CEO Turns Carlisle, Florida Housing On Its Ear

    Editor’s note: AFFORDABLE HOUSING FINANCE has selected 15 outstanding industry leaders under the age of 40. These 15 individuals will be featured in the June, July, September, October, and November issues of AFFORDABLE HOUSING FINANCE. For a complete list of the 2008 Young Leaders, go to...


    Matthew O. Franklin has been named president of Mid-Peninsula Housing Coalition, a leading nonprofit affordable housing developer in Northern California.


    CHICAGO – A joint venture between local developer Senior Lifestyle Corp. and Beloved Community, a nonprofit community development arm of St. Sabina Church here, has completed a complex for seniors with low incomes and is seeking to build more affordable units in the city for seniors.

  • Q & A with Theresa Parker, executive director of the California Housing Finance Agency (CalHFA)

    THERESA PARKER has been executive director of the California Housing Finance Agency (CalHFA) since 1997.