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  • LIHTC Awards Made

    State housing finance agencies across the West have been busy reserving their 2008 low-income housing tax credits (LIHTCs), and they are in line to receive even more credits following the recent passage of the Housing and Economic Recovery Act of 2008.

  • Syndicators Predict Better But Still Restrained Second Half

    Low-income housing tax credit (LIHTC) syndicators remain subdued about the second half of the year after a tough first six months marked by reduced investor equity and sagging prices to affordable housing developers. Although a few syndicators anticipate more money entering the market before the...

  • Democrats Feature Housing, Urban Policy in Platform

    The Democrats call their 2008 party platform "Renewing America's Promise," and they have made affordable housing and community development an important part of that pledge.

  • New Leader Takes Over Hawaii Agency

    Karen Seddon has taken the helm at the Hawaii Housing Finance and Development Corp. (HHFDC), the agency that awards low-income housing tax credits (LIHTCs) and other financing for affordable housing in the state.

  • Retsinas Serves Up Fresh Thinking

    This July, Nicolas Retsinas stood outside a ruined highrise apartment building in Chengdu, capital of China's Sichuan province.

  • A HUD Budget Increase?

    The Senate Appropriations Committee has approved a fiscal 2009 funding bill that would provide a substantial boost over current-year funding as well as the president’s budget request for the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).

  • For-Sale Housing from NMTCs

    COLUMBUS, OHIO - Vacant houses in neighborhoods like American Addition and North of Broad here are getting a second chance, thanks to the New Markets Tax 

  • Bold Financing Fills Need

    NORTH SMITHFIELD, R.I. - The 80 affordable seniors apartments at the Meadows might look old-fashioned, with burgundy and yellow siding and a weather vane on the peaked rook over the front door.

  • Working the High-Rise Niche

    Our company has provided remodeling and handyman services to Chicago homeowners for the past 10 years. We started out working in single-family homes, but early on an architect hired us for a large job in a high-rise apartment building. Today, high-rise work accounts for half our volume. We work in...

  • Clarifying Liability Coverage

    Q. After working for several years as an employee, I recently headed out on my own and began shopping around for liability insurance. Most policies offer "occurrence" coverage, but one company offers a "claims made" policy that provides similar coverage for less money. What's the difference between...