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    Prepare your company for the end of the year; get paid faster with credit cards

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    You've got the skills, and financing is available. You just need to make the first move

  • The Nail Gun Is Born

    According to Marvin Hirsch, who was present that evening in the mid-1950s, it all began when a group of veterans meeting at the Winsted, Minn., Legion Hall came to the sage conclusion that they could buy a lot more beer if they had more money.

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    Talking to clients about money; selling remodeling jobs; the color-coded offic

  • When a Customer or Supplier Goes Bankrupt

    There you are, just trying to make an honest living as a contractor, when all of a sudden somebody you're doing business with declares bankruptcy. How will this affect you?

  • Keeping the Design Phase on Track

    I've long appeciated the advantages of design/build. This approach to construction removes you from the rat race of competitive bidding.

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    How to think like a company; protect yourself from employee theft

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    Curb insurance costs with a health savings account; handyman's choice: generalization or specialization?

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    New soy-based glue creates bond without formaldehyde; lumber chain targets builders; Texas grapples with workers' comp; more

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    Preventing remodeling sticker shock