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More stories about Fireplaces

  • How to Dismantle a 400-Year-Old Fireplace

    There is currently a major expansion and remodeling program taking place at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston.

  • Products

    Synthetic roof underlayments; deck railings; fireplaces

  • Protecting Water Heaters With Expansion Tanks

    Q. We recently had to replace our relatively new gas-fired water heater when its internal flue tube collapsed, ruining the thermostat and causing hot combustion gases to spew out the front. The installer, who claimed that the water heater was ruined by thermal expansion, added a thermal-expansion...

  • Products

    Time-saving towel bars; electronics garage; manufactured chimneys; structural sheathing; outdoor lighting

  • Replacing a Leaking Chimney Cap

    Built with concrete rather than mortar and detailed to shed water, this chimney cap should outlast the chimney beneath it.

  • Fireplace Surrounds

    Successful fireplace surrounds

  • Heavy Lifting: A Housemover's Journal

    A Massachusetts building mover details the process of lifting a 1772 post-and-beam house completely intact, transporting it over land and water, and setting it to rest at its new home.

  • Locating a Fireplace in a Family Room with a TV

    Locating a fireplace in a family room with a TV

  • Preventing Chimney Cap Failure

    Chimney caps are too often poorly detailed and are the first part of the chimney to degrade. A mason explains how to build a durable cap.

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    Domestic water; home automation; manufactured fireplaces