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More stories about Fireplaces

  • Replacing Factory-Built Fireplaces

    When a prefab fireplace wears out, the only solution is to remove it and install a new one. Here are some tips from a specialist.

  • Letters

    Deck details, defending gable vents, screening chimney pots

  • A Masonry Chimney in Six Hours

    No one likes waiting for the mason, but manufactured zero-clearance fireplaces aren't the only alternative. A Connecticut manufacturer describes his innovative precast chimney system

  • Products

    Water-resistant gypsum panels, heated shingles, snap-in bamboo flooring, chimney pots, more

  • Products

    Foundation insulation, router tables, cut-to-fit basement windows, heat sensor, smaller sander, tailgate stepladder, flexible molding, bendable drill bit, more

  • In The News

    Vermiculite insulation threat, California okays PEX, a house in 31/2 hours, new R-20 glazing, more

  • Relining Old Chimneys

    Adding a poured liner to a shaky old chimney adds strength and safety while keeping the character of the original.

  • Venting Gas Appliances

    Supply plenty of combustion air, keep the flue warm and dry, and don't restrict the flow of exhaust in the flue.

  • Manufactured Fireplaces

    Manufactured fireplaces require no foundation or special framing, and most can be installed in a day. This article explains the available options and how to choose a high-quality product.

  • Products

    Bifold doors, pocket protector tool sheath, elastomeric masonry coatings, removable duct tape, more