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  • In the Spotlight

    Lighting Art in Residential and Museum Settings

  • Eurofase

    Functional lighting fixtures that enhance the unique features of a space and create the desired ambiance.

  • Bartco Lighting

    The BFL800 is a specification-grade, low-profile luminaire available in one-, two- and three-lamp configurations.

  • Whole Foods, Austin, TeXas

    CHALLENGE Far from the sterile environment of a conventional supermarket, the inviting atmosphere of the Whole Foods Markets encourages shoppers to explore and linger. While retailers favor bright lights to lure customers to displays, general concerns over the use of traditional lamps, specifically...

  • a little light shopping

    mp lighting | vertical double rail system |

  • Commendable Achievement, Outdoor - Frost Bank Tower

    With a significant presence both day and night, the Frost Bank Headquarters has created a signature feature for the Austin, Texas, skyline. As lighting design firm Cline Bettridge Bernstein (CBBLD) explains, 'the architect wanted a building that comes to a singular statement at the top; a clear...

  • Virtuous Achievement

    of a massive public recognition campaign, telecommunications company Bellsouth Panama decided to light one of the most famous structures in the country-the Panama Canal Bridge. From the beginning, the project faced an extremely tight budget. The original request was for a lighting solution not to...

  • details

  • Kichler Launches Linear Lighting and Kichler Builder Plus

    Responding to research results gathered from builders and contractors across the country,

  • JFK Light Rail

    The new transit system that carries riders to and from New York City's JFK airport is illuminated with a simple, but elegant, T8-based fixture that simplifies maintenance.