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    A less obtrusive and more durable alternative to kick-out flashings

  • Slideshow: Flashing a Flanged Window with Housewrap and Flashing Tape

    Veteran builder Carl Hagstrom demonstrates the right way to install a flanged window unit by detailing the housewrap and flashing tape.

  • The Case of the Leaky Sunspace and the Brick Wall

    For years water dripped into offices housed in a glass enclosure -- for days after rainstorms had stopped. Do you know why and how to fix it?

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    Copper Flashing on ACQ ~ How Small Is Small?

  • Weather Barriers for Coastal Conditions

    According to general contractor Bill Robinson, the building industry is going through a renaissance of sorts when it comes to weather protection. He predicts that as the current best practices become standardized, even more detailed requirements will be brought back to the codes. And that's a good...

  • Replacing Windows in Brick-Veneer Homes

    Tall-Wall Studs ~ Breathable Roofs~ Paperless Drywall ~ Screws for Composite Decking

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    The Causes of Condensation

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  • Perfect Storm Flashing

    Working on Long Island, remodeling contractor Mike Sloggatt has to prepare homes to weather the occasional nor'easter. So when it comes to installing windows and doors, he's not afraid of overkill. Here, he details the flashing routine he typically employs to create a drainable, water-resistant...