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More stories about Floats

  • On the Job

    Avoiding plaster disaster; a floating sink

  • Developers Choose Swaps for Security

    Swaps have taken over from caps as the first choice of price-conscious borrowers using loans funded by tax-exempt bonds.

  • Sconce

    Soli is light in equilibrium--a pure linear statement that accents interior elements through light and silhouette. Designed to evoke the illusion of floating, the optional diffuser is offered in etched glass or translucent white acrylic. The Soli series is available as a sconce (shown), or 2-foot...

  • Fixing Voids in Engineered Flooring

    Q. A subcontractor glued down 4 1/2-inch-wide plank engineered flooring on a concrete slab-on-grade using flooring adhesive applied with a V-notch trowel. But the instructions on the bucket indicated that a 1/4-inch square notched trowel should have been

  • Choosing Laminate Flooring

    Laminate flooring looks better than ever and is easy to install, but you have to select the right product for a durable installation.

  • Floating a Mud Bed for Ceramic Tile

    When it comes to flattening an old, irregular floor, there's still nothing like mud.

  • Products

    Quick hanger for heavy loads; vent-boot for the color conscious; solar-activated attic fan; spray-on roof patch; foundation crack repair kit; mortarless retaining wall; clear cement caulk; sound-reducing underlayment; premolded skylight curb flashing; more

  • Top Quality Three-Coat Stucco

    A veteran stucco contractor and industry expert describes the ingredients that make for a durable, trouble-free exterior.

  • Skim-Coat Plaster

    A thin coat of plaster over gypsum blueboard provides the hard, durable, hand-troweled finish of traditional plaster at a reasonable cost. A Connecticut plasterer and finish carpenter describes the proper tools, materials, and techniques.

  • Floating Floor Options

    Floating floors offer some advantages over conventional hardwood strip flooring: They’re more dimensionally stable, come prefinished, and because they’re laminated, are available in wood species that would be cost-prohibitive in full-thickness flooring. Here’s a survey of what’s available.